Dana Thompson

Dana Thompson

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Leading Teams to Better Choices

Drawing on the workshop leader’s extensive experience and research in the practice of asking better question, diagnosing people systems. and the neuroscience of making better decisions, this one-of-a-kind and highly praised workshop delves into the key areas and competencies essential for making better choices. Join this hands-on and engaging workshop–designed and led by a teacher with more than 30 years of experience in assisting teams across different industries–to learn how to leverage the potential of your team’s thinking and achieve better results.

Ask the Better Question®

What makes questions effective? How can you employ improved questions to a) more fully engage your team’s thinking, b) explore complex scenarios, c) challenge restrictive beliefs, and d) encourage innovation? The ability to pose better questions is frequently highlighted as an essential leadership skill, yet it’s seldom taught. This distinctive one-day workshop, derived from the instructor’s twenty years of experience and research in questioning techniques and the effects on the brain, will enhance your proficiency and capacity to effectively communicate in the language of questions.


Learn why Brainstorming has minimal success in helping us break out of our boxes and how using question-storming assists in uncovering the underlying assumptions that keep us locked into the old way of doing things.

Customized Workshops

Looking for a customized workshop to fit your needs? Wanting to create a blend of the topics covered above?

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