Hold productive meetings. Ask better questions. Make better decisions.

"Wouldn't your processes work great if it wasn't for that fact that there are people in the room?"

With 30+ years of international experience in employing and training advanced facilitation techniques and better questioning skills, we’re here to help you and your team hold more productive meetings that lead to better decisions.

Worldwide Engagements

  • International project management team mid-career training (Singapore)
  • Executive decision oversight coaching and training (Canada)
  • Facilitation training (China-Brazil-India-Norway-UK-Germany-The Netherlands-Canada)
  • Airline international call center improvement initiative (Japan-Europe-Mexico)

Client Workshop Successes

  • More focused workshops that achieve objectives in less time
  • Improved decision outcomes
  • Better engagement from all team members, especially in hybrid meetings
  • Ability to deal with difficult participants
  • Confidence in conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Sharpened focus on the real problem that needs to be solved

Diverse Hands-on Expertise

  • Production facility multi-million cash flow reduction initiative
  • Family business leadership transition
  • Airline operations organizational restructuring
  • Technology division portfolio process and strategic planning restructuring initiative
  • Cargo delivery process re-engineering
  • Unconventional reservoir best practices alignment initiative

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