Expert Facilitator, Facilitation Coach and Instructor. Published Author.
Ask the Better Question® Expert.


"Must-Succeed" Meeting Facilitator and Coach. Published Author. Workshop Instructor. Speaker. Ask the Better Question® Expert.


"Must-Succeed" Meeting Facilitator and Coach. Published Author. Workshop Instructor. Ask the Better Question® Expert.

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Ultimate Facilitation Tool Kit - Second Edition

The Ultimate Facilitation Tool Kit - Second Edition Cover & page samples, including QR code to audio content.
Available in Black & White Paperback
or Spiral Bound in color

With more detailed descriptions and newly-added audio links for select tools, the enhanced Ultimate Facilitation Tool Kit is a must-have for team leaders, decision facilitators, management consultants, change management leaders, project managers, design thinking facilitators, scrum masters, and anyone tasked with leading teams formed to solve problems, make decisions, or implement initiatives.

This tool kit reflects the author’s 25 years of facilitating hundreds of groups faced with complex decisions, messy problems, and challenging transformations. Users will get more out of each tool thanks to the intuitive descriptions of their purposes, succinct construction steps, helpful illustrations, and tips for use that ensure a successful application of each tool. This invaluable reference book contains tools to enhance your creative thinking, strategic planning, problem-framing, decision-making, and conflict resolution. In addition, its audio links provide deeper insights into the nuances and applications of the more complex tools, explaining why they work the way they do and when they are best used.

This unique tool kit is sure to enhance and enrich your team’s dialogue and thinking processes so you can hold more purposeful and inclusive meetings—meetings that achieve better outcomes.

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What We Offer

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Conference Panel Moderation & Speaking

Looking for a skilled moderator to bring out the key thinking of workshop panel members? Wanting to ensure that conference participants walk away with new skills instead of simply an awareness of a concept? We have a proven history and deep expertise in both delivering the powerful and engaging workshops or facilitating discussion panels that is needed to make your conference or workshop one that will be remembered and, most importantly, one that makes a difference for your attendees.

Facilitation & Questioning Skills Training

Wanting to improve your questioning or facilitation skills? Have you been tasked with improving decision quality or customer engagement in your organization, but you are not sure what can be done to get there? Struggling to achieve inclusiveness in your meetings? Successful meeting outcomes for today’s complex problems rise from an alignment on the questions to be answered, a robust design based not only on process but also one that considers behavioral psychology and methods to mitigate biases that can disrupt any logical process. Practiced-based, scientifically backed, and skillfully presented, our customizable workshops continue to receive rave reviews from participants around the globe.

Expert Facilitation & Consultation Services

Facing a complex or messy decision? Tasked with an organizational transformation initiative? Wanting to better understand the problems faced by your customers or the key issues held by your stakeholders? Or, sometimes getting some input from an expert in this field on YOUR facilitation events is all that you need. We have over 25 years of experience facilitating the tough decisions and key initiatives that are vital to organizational success. Our unique mix of knowledge and practice in both the behavioral and decision sciences, along with a history of working in a statistical problem-solving framework, brings a powerful combination of skills that are required to solve today’s complex issues.

How We Have Helped Clients

With 25+ years of facilitation experience, we’ve helped people at all different levels and in a variety of industries for a variety of issues and key decisions.

Chessboard with focus on the blue queen

Strategy Development

  • Strategy development and implementation for low-cost airline start-up
  • New strategy for merged truck and rail divisions
  • Revision of Alaskan philanthropic giving strategy
  • Specialty physicians practice strategy development
  • Medical company product US market demand and value assessment
  • Professional energy institute strategy reformulation
  • Development of technology organization portfolio management system
  • O&G GHG emissions strategy to meet net-zero goals
Light source progression from candles to LED

Business Transformation

  • Airline boarding process turn-time reduction statistical study
  • Joint industry marine best practices initiative
  • Medical diagnostics company technology innovation conference
  • Human Resources global business improvement conference
  • Remote operation organizational restructuring cross-functional workshop
  • Production facility multi-million cash flow reduction initiative
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Stakeholder & Customer Interviews

  • Power company employee focus groups to assess leadership performance and company focus
  • International offices focus group feedback for major airline operational improvement initiative
  • O&G employee input for Alaskan philanthropic giving strategy
  • Executive leadership assessment of HR desired outcomes
  • Medical company partner interviews to assess perspectives of working relationships

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