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Katherine Rosback is a specialist in the areas of group decision-making training & facilitation, strategy planning & implementation and facilitation skills for leaders and project managers. Prior to her consulting work, Katherine gained an extensive background in problem-solving and decision-making skills through her work as a Chemical Engineer with DuPont, a Process Engineer with Union Carbide, and as a Project Manager and Director of Quality for Boehringer Mannheim (now Rouche Diagnostics). Katherine joined an international strategic planning consulting firm in 1996 where she focused on teaching problem-solving and decision-making skills in a variety of industries, along with facilitating multiple leadership meetings.

In her current consulting work, she facilitates strategic planning retreats, major company decision making events, and teaches workshops.  Her Designing and Leading Must Succeed Meetings workshops have been taught throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and in China and receives continual praise for one of the most insightful and useful courses ever attended.   When facilitating decision-making groups, she is commended for the way she effectively guides them through complex discussions necessary to clarify the choices and help them reach better decisions.

Katherine has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.A. in Organizational Communication, both obtained through Purdue University.  She earned her ASQC Certified Quality Engineer status in 1989. She has also been trained and worked extensively in decision sciences processes.


A Whole New Ballgame

In a pivotal scene from the 2011 movie Moneyball, actor Brad Pitt, playing the role of Billy Beane, general manager of the failing Oakland Athletics baseball team, asks a room full of scouts grappling with the loss of key players and a limited budget, “What’s the problem that we are trying to solve?”: Article PDF

Blind Trust: Improving Communications in Virtual Meetings

We all know why we use virtual mediums: tele- or video conferences can be a preferable alternative to face-to-face meetings that require people to bridge geographies and time zones. Who hasn’t experienced an austerity program in which the first thing to be cut is travel?  But there are trade-offs, and one of the most notable …


Most of our facilitation work and most of our workshops are customized to fit your very unique needs. Please contact us with your specific and important question and we will get back to your shortly. If there is a good time to talk with you, please indicate the time and time zone.