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Advanced Facilitation

When your project managers, technical planning leads, or knowledge management facilitators wish to improve their ability to engage the meeting attendees, ask the questions that resolve cross-functional /cultural differences, deal with difficult personalities, and work more effectively in virtual meetings.

Leading to Resolution

When your DA facilitators, Six Sigma Blackbelts, or Change Management Leaders are seeking ways to better integrate their processes with how the human mind thinks, when stating "trust the process" doesn't create the needed level of engagement and commitment.

Asking is Better Than Telling

When you desire to improve your skill in asking the questions that create engagement and foster commitment, when you are seeking to enable a culture of collaboration and diversity of thought, when you wish to improve the employee buy-in of key organizational initiatives.

Focus Group Moderation

When you are seeking to improve the questioning skills of those tasked with conducting post-survey sessions, when your technical developers are unsure of how to structure and lead project review workshops.

Technical Presentation Workshops

When your management struggles to understand the message of the technical presentation, when your audience is overwhelmed with data and is left searching for the meaning of that data.

Conference Facilitation/Training

When you want to ensure that your technical conference fosters engagement and not just talk after talk, when you want to hold successful break-out sessions to further address ideas or key issues.

Not Your Average Facilitator

Katherine Rosback

BS CheE, MA Org Comm

Katherine Rosback has a B.S in Chemical Engineering (Purdue University), got her MA in Organizational Communication (also from Purdue) 16 years later, passed her Certified Quality Engineering test in 1989, is a trained D&RA facilitator, and continues her scientific research in group dynamics, conversational analysis, the decision sciences, and the neurosciences. Her background includes working as a Supplier Quality Engineer with a manufacturing firm, a Project Manager and Director of Quality with a medical diagnostics firm, and a lead facilitator with a strategic planning consulting firm.

With over 20 years’ experience facilitating hundreds of must succeed meetings and critical organizational discussions, Katherine is an expert group facilitator specializing in the resolution of complex decisions and technical problem-solving discussions. Her experience includes working with executives crafting the new strategic direction, project teams launching new products and services, technology teams developing their portfolio management processes and global leadership conferences of over 100 people. She has also facilitated numerous conflict resolution sessions, problem solving initiatives, and highly technical discussions.

And why does this matter to you? Because she will lead your group or team to an answer or resolution. Katherine is known for her ability to create an immediate rapport with groups and for her skill in quickly understanding and framing the key issues that need to be explored. She excels at widening the group’s perspective of the issue by asking thought-provoking questions that allow for better answers. Her workshops are known for their applicability, their flexibility in adapting to the key issues of the participants, and for the way that they are rooted in solid scientific research.

Katherine is an avid horsewoman and accomplished rider and, from 2009-2015, she founded and ran a summer horsemanship camp for girls who did not own horses.

Personal Info

  •   +13174392052
  •   Kentucky, USA
  •   katherine@katherinerosback.com.


When facilitation is done properly, you don’t really notice that it’s happening. The trick of the facilitator is to make the act of facilitation seamless with the technical problem-solving process. Katherine Rosback has the ability to teach technical folks to look at the problem that they’re trying to solve, and distill it into a format that incorporates and integrates many perspectives and data sets. Facilitation is often understood as designing meeting agendas, timekeeping, or taking good notes. But facilitation only adds value when it leads to resolution. And Katherine’s proven techniques and processes do exactly that: helps groups of people come to a resolution on an issue they’re grappling with.

juli rohl

P. Geol, BSc. MBA, Oil and Gas, Canada
Katherine’s engineering, manufacturing and healthcare background allows her to establish an easy rapport with individuals who hold advanced science degrees and possess many years of experience in new product research and development for biotechnology companies. Her courses are well organized, fast paced and fun. the facilitation tools Katherine taught gained broad acceptance and use, especially among Project Managers faced with project planning, implementation and conflict resolution challenges. Executive Management noticed and commented on the improved meeting management and decision making evident in meetings facilitated by Katherine’s “graduates”.

pam lambert

Director-Project Management Medical Diagnostics
Katherine’s involvement was far more than just a facilitator or normal consultant. Her ability to interact with the team, recognize skills and talents of the team members and provide guidance to the project leader was key to designing the strategy and moving it through implementation in an efficient and effective manner. The project was viewed as one of our true success stories, particularly since other carriers who tried to achieve similar results failed. This project involved a tight timeline with many critical deadlines. Her expertise in helping manage the many challenges of the project was key to its success, and Katherine was viewed by all involved as one of the team.

skip barnette

Retired Airline President and CEO


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