Expert Facilitator. Authoritative Instructor. Published thought-leader.

"Wouldn't your processes work great if it wasn't for that fact that there are people in the room?"

With 30+ years of international experience in employing and training advanced facilitation techniques and state-of-the-art questioning skills, we’re here to enhance your team’s level of engagement, performance, and deliverables.

Worldwide Engagements

  • International project management team mid-career training (Singapore)
  • Executive decision oversight coaching and training (Canada)
  • Facilitation training (China-Brazil-India-Norway-UK-Germany-The Netherlands-Canada)
  • Airline international call center improvement initiative (Japan-Europe-Mexico)

Client Workshop Successes

  • More focused workshops that achieve objectives in less time
  • Decreased wandering conversations
  • Improved decision-making processes
  • Better engagement from all team members, especially in virtual
  • Ability to deal with difficult participants
  • Confidence in conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Sharpened focus on the real problem that needs to be solved
  • Better preparation when meeting with clients

Diverse Hands-on Expertise

  • Production facility multi-million cash flow reduction initiative
  • Family business leadership transition
  • Oil and Gas post-merger process re-configuration initiative
  • Airline operations organizational restructuring
  • Technology division portfolio process and strategic planning restructuring initiative
  • Cargo delivery process re-engineering
  • Unconventional reservoir best practices alignment initiative

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