About Katherine

About Katherine

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BS Chemical Engineering

MS Organizational Communication

Highly Acclaimed Workshop Leader


Featured Conference Speaker


“Wouldn’t all your processes work great if it wasn’t for the fact that there are people in the room?”

Katherine Rosback is an expert in facilitating the messy, ambiguous but must-succeed decision or problem-solving challenge. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MA in Organizational Communication. Katherine has over 25 years’ experience facilitating decision teams, organizational strategic planning initiatives, and cross-functional teams tasked with transforming organizational processes. Katherine works with Fortune 500 industries such as airline, oil & gas, and pharma. She is the author of Asking is Better than Telling and host of the podcast, What’s Another Question.

She is a sought-after speaker for conferences, known for her ability to make the “touchy-feely” stuff enthralling to the technical audience. Katherine’s highly acclaimed workshops, taught throughout the globe, improve the questioning and facilitative leadership skills for leaders, project managers, decision facilitators, and anyone else charged with accomplishing critical outcomes.

Other Credentials

  • Chemical Engineer, Dupont
  • Statistical Process Engineer, Union Carbide
  • Director of Quality, Roche
  • ASQC Certified Engineer (1989)
  • Decision and Risk Analysis Facilitator

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