Advanced Facilitative Leadership Skills

Advanced Facilitative Leadership Skills

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Successful meeting outcomes require so much more than mere notetaking or agenda-building. Grounded in the decision-making and behavioral sciences, this distinctive and acclaimed workshop covers the topics and skills that are critical to successful meeting outcomes. And forget about staring at endless PowerPoint slides! The highly interactive workshop-led by a noted expert in this field-is full of opportunities to practice the new techniques and questioning methods using real-life case studies (or bring in one of your own!).

Workshop Details

Participants will learn to:


  • Use the Discussion Process to help guide and re-focus wandering discussions in current and future workshops.
  • Learn why simply listing meeting objectives fails to effectively keep meetings on track (and what to do instead).
  • Discover the skill of diagnosing group behaviors and learn how those insights shape meeting design considerations.


  • Understand the neurological impact of question structures and why questions work in the way they do.
  • See why asking “What’s important to you?” will not give you the information you are seeking from stakeholders or your team.
  • Practice questions that can break through typical responses of resistance such as, “We’ve already tried that before.”


  • Apply methods to explore problem perspectives, rather than leaping to solutions.
  • Explore why popular tools such as weighted criteria matrices actually compromise decision quality.


  • Learn tools to mitigate the influences of various cognitive biases.
  • Explore why ground rules will fail to overcome predominate dysfunctional communication and conflict styles (and what to do instead).

Who Should Attend

  • Project managers and project teams
  • Change management leaders
  • Strategic planning facilitators
  • Agile and Six Sigma facilitators
  • Leaders of organizational transformation initiatives
  • Human Resource managers
  • Decision leads

Past Participants Praise

  • “This is the best workshop that I have taken in my 35-year professional career. Rich content and discussions. Invaluable feedback after practice sessions.”
  • “Katherine is clearly an expert in her field.”
  • “Liked the quality of engagement and the workshop material.”
  • “Loved the real-life examples and the focus on what drives people’s behavior.
  • “It has been mind-expanding while providing so many tools and new perspectives. Extremely applicable to every engagement, decision process, team meetings, board meetings, and parenting. Everybody should do this!”
  • “Katherine’s energy and her memory–she kept linking back to people’s questions so really connected with each of us.”
  • Simply outstanding in terms of the content covered and loved the practice. My only complaint? Would have loved another day! Thanks for a great class.”
  • Loved the ‘No PowerPoint’!! Course was VERY interactive.”

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