Ask the Better Question® Workbook

Ask the Better Question® Workbook

Enhance Your Ability to Ask the Better Question®

How do you improve the uptake of your ideas, your projects, or your initiative when you are not in a position of authority that allows you to simply “tell” someone they must do something?

How do you move past the “check-the-box” state of compliance and move a person, department, or organization to where they are committed to take action?

Ask the Better Question®!

Given the many purposeful organizational missions, complex problems, and critical decisions that are part of today’s workplace, skilled questioning techniques need to permeate every level of the organization.

This digitally interactive PDF is full of the science, methods, and effective practices of asking the better question, and contains numerous exercises, links to animated supplemental videos, and multiple references for further learning. It is designed as a stand-alone, self-tutorial and reference workbook so that you can begin your process of enhancing your questioning skills now. 

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