Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

With more and more organizations setting their people up to work from home, we have created a series of virtual workshops that bring the powerful insights of our face-to-face workshops.


Fear not! Our workshops are not a series of mind-numbing slides with a faceless voice, but rather a highly interactive blend of online experiences.

Metal gears representing the interaction of Knowledge, Process and Practice.


With over two decades of extensive experience, we are not new to the virtual meeting.

A thoughtful group engaged with a virtual presentation.


Workshops are crafted using well-researched techniques to ensure maximum engagement.

See How We Run Our Virtual Workshops!

Experienced in both facilitating and teaching in the virtual medium, we can guarantee that your participants will walk away as they always have from our workshops—feeling energized and ready to apply their new knowledge.
  • Live Streaming Instruction
  • Editable digital class workbooks—no need to download, as you can complete all exercises and take notes right on your iPad or computer!
  • Interactive ePub reference books—clicking on the table of contents will take you right to the tool that you wish to use!
  • Break-out sessions
  • Optional private consultation between the instructor and participant scheduled via a private calendar link.

Workshops are taught in a maximum of 2-hour segments and are limited to 12 people to ensure maximum engagement, ample time for Q&As, and to align workshop material with the specific situations that participants are facing. All workshop will also include a complimentary one-on-one 15 minute session with participants post-workshop (at the discretion of the participant).

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