Katherine Rosback

Katherine Rosback

The Three Most Worthless Questions – Part II

A few weeks ago, I posted about one of the three most worthless questions to ask in a meeting: “Does anyone have any questions?” Today I look at the second of those questions: “Does everyone understand this?” Such questions waste …

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Have A Nice Weekend?

Conversational greeting rituals help us connect with people every day. Take it a step deeper and see how conversational analysis can help you gain insight by listening below the words.


Brainwriting is a powerful tool that mitigates a group’s tendency to repeat what others have stated (known as groupthink) and lessens the negative effects of certain cognitive and motivational biases that can be detrimental to team effectiveness and decision quality.

A batter knocks one out of the park.

Overcoming the Odds of Implementation – Part One

People often tend to speak in solutions without even thinking about the problem or quesiton that is driving those solutions. Learn how to fall in love with the problem and persevere at understanding its essence.

What’s WRONG With Being Data-Driven?

The plethora of journal articles points to the value of becoming data-driven. But an even greater number point to why these data projects are failing. Why does this make perfect sense? What are the questions that data project leaders are …

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DEI and Racism in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace continue to produce less-than hoped for outcomes. Research shows that despite well-intended efforts, the needle has barely moved. To what extent are organizations asking the wrong question to the wrong people? …

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Lessons Learned in the I-Corp Program

The I-Corp Program has an established track record for improving the commercialization of technologies by getting participants “off the lab bench and out of the building” to meet with and understand the needs of the target customers. This podcast explores …

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