Ask the Better Question®

Do you find it difficult to understand people’s underlying drivers? What is really important to them? Or do you wish you created more engagement in your meetings? This video will share with you some basic concepts of structuring your questions to get the response you seek. Based on the book, Asking is Better Than Telling: The Science and Practice of Leading with Questions, this quick video will give you quick insights into how you can Ask the Better Question®!


Ever wonder why the old technique of Brainstorming fails to produce the level of innovation you seek in your business? Looking to enhance your innovation methods and meetings? This video offers a quick peek at the why Brainstorming should be replaced with Question-Storming. Learn why Brainstorming has minimal success in helping us break out of our boxes and how to use question-storming assists in uncovering the underlying assumptions that keep us locked into the old way of doing things

Blind Trust: Working in the Virtual World

Working in the virtual world is our new norm. Would it surprise you to know that the techniques you use when meeting face-to-face don’t work when meeting in the virtual world? Even those platforms that offer video? Engaging virtual meetings CAN be an outcome when you apply these simple tips. Quit making your meetings a waste of everyone’s time—leverage these techniques used Katherine Rosback, a highly sought-after meeting facilitator who has decades of experience in facilitating virtual workshops and meetings whose participants were around the globe. Your meeting participants will thank you for giving 13 minutes of YOUR time that will enhance the 60 minutes of THEIR time.

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