The Three Most Worthless Questions – Part II

A few weeks ago, I posted about one of the three most worthless questions to ask in a meeting: “Does anyone have any questions?” Today I look at the second of those questions: “Does everyone understand this?” Such questions waste …

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Have A Nice Weekend?

Conversational greeting rituals help us connect with people every day. Take it a step deeper and see how conversational analysis can help you gain insight by listening below the words.


Brainwriting is a powerful tool that mitigates a group’s tendency to repeat what others have stated (known as groupthink) and lessens the negative effects of certain cognitive and motivational biases that can be detrimental to team effectiveness and decision quality.

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Advanced Facilitative Leadership Skills

Grounded in the decision-making and behavioral sciences, this proven workshop covers topics such as dealing with biases, asking better questions to increase inclusion and foster deeper thinking, and improving meeting outcomes through better meeting design–all taught within a structure that emphasizes engagement, application, and practice.


Learn why Brainstorming has minimal success in helping us break out of our boxes and how using question-storming assists in uncovering the underlying assumptions that keep us locked into the old way of doing things.

Leading Strategic Planning Workshops

This 1-day workshop teaches seasoned facilitators how to design and lead strategic planning workshops that bring tangible value to the organization.

Leading with Better Questions

Increase your skill and confidence in drawing out stakeholder perspectives, exploring client needs, assessing uncertainties and risks, and leading project reviews.

Customized Workshops

Looking for a customized workshop to fit your needs? Wanting to create a blend of the topics covered above?

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