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Just as the sign says, “Welcome Volunteers!” Are you aware that the Indiana Dressage Society is a non-profit organization? As such, IDS relies on volunteers to plan, organize, fund-raise, set-up, scribe, score, celebrate, and tear-down. Nothing happens, especially our shows, without volunteers.

Given our vital need for show volunteers, we’ve decided to add a new section to the IDS newsletter to educate readers about volunteer opportunities, highlight current volunteers, and making shows more fun for volunteers and those showing.

To begin, we thought it would be helpful to explore what volunteers do to make the show possible. Volunteers can work a whole- or half-day performing the following tasks:

  • Ring stewards. Monitor the warm up ring and competition rings and help make sure that the riders get where they need to go on time.
  • Runners. Ring the tests from the judge’s box to the office. (Really, you don’t have to run.)
  • Scribes. Write down the judge’s comments onto the appropriate test sheet. (A great way to learn what judges are looking for.)
  • Scorers. Works in the show office and uses an adding machine to add up the scores directly from the tests.
  • Awards Presenters. Organize the awards and prize table and distribute completed test scores, ribbons, prizes and special awards to the competitor.
  • (Show pictures are always needed!)

For these valuable services, what do volunteers get in return? Not only are you a part of an amazing experience for those showing, organizing the show, and watching the show, but it is a lot of fun. You can’t help but learn about dressage while being around horses, fun horse people—plus there is the added benefit of refreshments all day. Additionally, if you know of a high school student that needs service hours for honors society or college applications, this would count!

But shows aren’t the only opportunity to volunteer. There are social events, educational events and the year-end banquet as well. If you have a spark of interest in giving back to this great organization, please contact Denise Driscoll, IDS Board Member and Director of the Volunteer Committee. You can also go to our website to find  more information on volunteering.

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