• Company Mergers

    Successfully facilitated development of a transportation strategy for a newly merged Fortune 100 company, Major responsibilities included leadership coaching, planning team facilitation, designing and facilitating planning team retreats, and preparing communications for the executive decision board.

  • Focus Group Moderation

    Revised energy company’s philanthropic message and communication strategy in the state of Alaska. Conducted state-wide focus groups with employees. Identified weaknesses in current communication strategy. Provided counsel which led to greater focus and more effective communication of philanthropic giving strategy.

  • Strategic Planning

    Facilitated year-long implementation of a new for a truck and rail division of a Fortune 500 company. Coordinated work of industry experts, strategic planning facilitators, and transportation management. Facilitated all review meetings and assisted management in data interpretation and message development. Lead project manager reported it “could not have been done without my assistance” and that my “ability to cross lines of expertise and management levels” was “vital to the success of the project.”

  • Strategy Implementation

    Oversaw communications and change management program for a start-up division of a major airline. Assisted in shaping executive messages for large employee meetings. Developed format for daily project team meetings which allowed for rapid exchange of information. Designed and conducted statistically-based process studies. Facilitated multiple project team, cross-functional department, and conflict resolution meetings. Project was completed from idea inception to first take-off in a record six months with company-wide acceptance and praise for change process.

  • Leadership Transitions

    Facilitated the leadership transition of a third-generation family business firm over a 2-year period. Introduced concept of executive board to third generation and oversaw establishment. Guided family members in the change process, providing one-on-one counseling where needed. Facilitated multiple conflict resolution meetings and conducted communication audits to shape correct message during the change process. Second generation owner indicated five years later that “Katherine is probably is the best I’ve seen at creating an environment that encourages participation by all people.”

  • Leadership Communications

    Coordinated change management program within a global software consulting industry in conjunction with new strategic direction. Facilitated the multi-cultural management team in the identification and implementation of major initiatives necessary to implement strategic plan. Assisted in the development of executive road show message and coached the senior leadership team throughout the process of delivery.

  • Process Re-Engineering

    Led a six month effort to re-engineer a cargo delivery system within a Fortune 500 company. Facilitated cross-functional problem identification meetings, designed and conducted statistically-based process validation studies, interpreted results, coordinated recommendations for improvement, and assisted management in designing more effective operational reports.

  • Complex Technical Decisions

    Facilitated a 6-month effort to identify, document, and implement best practices across a diverse set of unconventional reservoirs for a Fortune 500 oil and gas company. The team consisted of 15 highly technical and highly opinionated experts, all of whom felt that they had “the answer.” Structured the conversational framework so that the vital research findings and diversity of thought could be explored and validated. Assisted with the development of all messaging to top executives and the decision board. Effort resulted in a widely accepted and implementable set of recommendations.