Changes To How the Year-End Scores Are Captured

We have made some important changes to the way scores are obtained for IDS year-end awards. In the past, the points person automatically looked up all members scores and tallied all of their scores for the year-end awards. This procedure will continue for all scores obtained in IDS sponsored and approved schooling shows and for the two IDS recognized shows – the June Indy Classic and the August Indiana Dressage Festival. (Note: This process also includes points for Western Dressage competitors.)

If you plan to compete for year-end awards and you will be riding in other USEF/USDF recognized shows, you will need to notify the IDS points and awards person Linda Kimbell as soon as possible, but not later than August 1, of your intention to compete. Once you have contacted Linda and let her know of your intention to compete, she will look up your scores and tally the results as has been done in past years.

If you are competing at the Introductory Level or in Opportunity Classes, scores from IDS-approved schooling shows and from the IDS Indy Classic and the IDS Indiana Dressage Festival recognized shows will be tallied by the Points person. However, if you have Introductory Level or Opportunity Class scores from any other USEF/USDF recognized shows they must be submitted to the Points Person on the form found in the Handbook (page 38) by September 10. This is required because these scores, unlike Training Level and above, are not maintained on the USDF score check site.

We are also pleased to announce that IDS will offer Western dressage competitors the opportunity to compete in Championships in all levels, Introductory through Level 3, at its Fall Show and Ride-offs in 2018. There will also be awards for High Percentage winners at all levels as well as Rider Achievement pins. There are membership and qualification requirements to be met for all awards. Further information may be found in the 2018 Membership Handbook. The 2018 competition year runs from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

Note: For scores to count toward year-end awards, riders (and horse owners, if other than rider) must be IDS members at the time of the ride. If you need to join IDS, or renew your membership for 2018, if you have not already done so, you can join/renew by going to the IDS website at

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