The Ultimate Facilitation Took Kit

The Ultimate Facilitation Tool Kit

An indispensable reference book full of creative thinking, strategy developing, dialogue enhancing, conflict resolution, idea evaluation, and implementation planning tools. A must-have for project managers, team leaders, Six Sigma BBs, and anyone else leading teams making decisions and solving problems. Developed over two decades and used in hundreds of meetings, each of the 25 tools shared includes in the two-page layout the tool purpose, detailed construction steps, tips for use, and an example of the tool in use. Available in soft cover copy and in digital downloads to iPads, Android devices, and ePub readers!

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Ask. Inspire. Solve.  The Science and Practice of Facilitative Questioning.

Ask. Inspire. Solve. The Science and Practice of Facilitative Questioning.

We observe that great leaders ask the great questions, we read how creativity is fostered by asking the uncommon question, we experience how coaches inspire by asking the provocative question, and we solve the organizational problem when led with facilitative questions. We know questions are powerful. But how do they work the way they do? What are the different ways you can structure a question to achieve a better outcome? What’s the process for asking questions? Rooted in over two decades of extensive research and practice of facilitative questioning and full of insights and experiences in using questions, this book is an invaluable resource for leaders, change agents, managers, team facilitators, coaches, and anyone else seeking to ask the better question that inspires insightful and innovative thinking that results in reaching the desired outcome.

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Designing and Leading Must Succeed Meetings

Designing and Leading Must Succeed Meetings Workbook

Wanting to understand how to increase engagement in your critical meetings? Frustrated with the circular talk of meetings that goes nowhere? Wondering how to improve your teleconference discussions? This workbook is used in the highly successful facilitation workshop, Designing and Leading Must Succeed Meetings. It contains advanced techniques, exercises, and a host of facilitation tools guaranteed to improve the outcome of your meetings.

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